Daily Schmaltz

Today’s Featured Flashback

What is Schmaltz?

Schmaltz entered American English from a Yiddish word for rendered chicken fat, a flavoring so common that is has become familiar and comforting.

Through this connection, since the mid 1930s schmaltz has also become a synonym for sentimentality.

Why Schmaltz?

Why not?

Is there any better use for modern technology than attempting to bring a little joy to others through sharing great works of art—or at least some sappy old music?

Some of us had the good fortune to grow up at a time when MTV was new and played music videos all the time (despite a remote but looming threat of extinction from global thermonuclear war).

(This site also demonstrates some of what can be done with efficiency and negligible cost.)

Besides, sometimes a little schmaltz can nurish the soul.

What Else?

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